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Welcome to Baldwins Equestrian Rehabilitation Yard

Baldwins Equestrian offers a professional and reliable rehabilitation for your horse.

We have had years of experience of looking after, caring for and ensuring the correct methods and professionals are involved to make your horse’s rehabilitation the best and highly successful. Using the latest rehabilitation equipment.

Equissage Red and top of the range Solarium, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your horse will recover from whatever injury, illness, operation or problem they have endured.

Our success stories range from kissing spines post-surgery rehabilitation, suspensory ligament damage rehabilitation, ulcerative lymphangitis recurrence treatment and back damage due to malnutrition and lack of muscle, resulting in serious behavioural problems.

With qualified and friendly staff, providing 24 hour monitored care, we endeavour to make this stressful and difficult time as easy as possible for you and your horse.

Located Near Battle, East Sussex
Tel: 07500 864 086

Our facilities include

  • Baldwins Equestrian

    24 hours monitored & supervised care

    Equissage Pulse

    Solarium, UV & IR and heaters

    Post Operative Care


    Arc Equine

  • Baldwins Equestrian

    Controlled and Personalised exercise programmes

    Long Reining/Lunging

    Schooling/ Re-schooling

    4m x 4m stables, all floors and walls with protective rubber

    WhirlPool Boots

  • Baldwins Equestrian

    Nursing Paddocks

    60m x 40m Soft Track Arena

    3 x Isolation Units

    Emergency Cases Taken

    Box Rest

About Baldwins Equestrian

Rebecca Duggleby, owner and manager of Baldwins Equestrian, has been working with horses for many years, working on both racing and competition yards to improve her skills and knowledge.

This was when Rebecca realised that if you wanted the best possible care and facilities for your horses you have to do it yourself, so in 2008 Baldwins Equestrian was born. Taking BHS examinations and qualifications as she went along, she now has a full yard with contented horses and clients.

Rebecca, in her free time is currently producing a young Stallion, Charlie. He was bought as a 3 year old, in bad condition with behavioural problems. Everyone told Rebecca that she had made the biggest mistake and that he was no good! Now Charlie is competing all around the UK, including Hickstead. Rebecca could not be more proud of him!

The beginning was not founded on a specific rehabilitation aspect, but Rebecca found herself with several horses that required much needed help, ranging from neglected horses to severe back, ligament and tendon problems. Succeeding where other professionals had failed, she fell in love with the dream of helping and rehabilitating horses. Rebecca now works closely with the owners and top professionals in the Physiotherapy, Veterinary and Farriery world to increase success rate; she knew full well that nothing was possible without the best team behind her.

Baldwins Equestrian currently has many rehabilitation cases, one of which is a post-operative kissing spines horse, who is currently doing extremely well and showing great progress. His owner hopes to have him home fit and healthy, ready to continue a pain free life very soon.

Rebecca is very proud to have strong relationships with several vets and it has taken many years of working alongside these professionals, listening to every word, to build trusting relationships. This will ensure that your horse’s rehabilitation will be second to none and will have a very high success rate.

Baldwins Equestrian looks forward to hearing from you and helping with your horse's rehabilitation.

Each price plan and service is hand tailored to every clients and horses needs. Please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07500 864 086 for more details.

Our Team

  • Yogev Sharp

    Remedial Farrier

    Yogev has been on our team for many years. He specialises in remedial and corrective work, working alongside vets to ensure that everything is being done to shoe your horse in the correct way. He attends seminars, courses and lectures to glean as much knowledge for continual professional development. Passing his NVQ with distinction and being such a reliable and empathic farrier, he is an invaluable member of the team.

  • Other Team Members


    Suzannah Povey-White
    P W Equine Physiotherapy

    Massage Therapist

    Victoria Collins
    Healing Hands
    07879 337300

Post Rehabilitation

The most difficult part of rehabilitation of horses is the re-introduction of owner and horse again. If your horse has been through a major injury, kissing spines surgery or has suffered from long term pain no matter what the cause, there is a large possibility that their personality, the way they prefer to be ridden or just their outlook on life may have altered slightly. This is why it is so important to make sure that the owner knows exactly what to expect and knows how to ride their horse after it has been through the rehabilitation.

Baldwins Equestrian offers an aftercare package. This includes riding lessons, schooling work with Rebecca riding and Equissage sessions. This ensures that your horse continues to work correctly and continues to have the necessary muscles and strength long after your horse has left.

Baldwins Equestrian might specialise in rehabilitation but at no point will the owner feel like they are on their own. Long term support and advice is always on hand. This is what makes Baldwins Equestrian different from every other Rehabilitation Centre.


Bringing your horse back into work after an injury can be very daunting. Rebecca will visit your yard, put together an exercise programme designed for your horse and their specific needs and be with you every step of the way. Would you like to learn how to Long Rein? Would you like to learn many exercises key for core strength and stability? Would you like to work on your horses straightness and flexibility? All of these can be achieved from your yard. Don't hesitate to call and book in a consultation.


I recently moved from Surrey & needed a livery yard near the new house for my 16.1 Medium dressage horse. As soon as I saw Baldwins, I stopped looking any further. G is now 13 & insists on regular cuddles regardless of time availability! At Baldwins, we get great facilities with 100 acres of farmland to ride over, all year turnout, large school (beautifully kept) & plenty of TLC. G gets regular massage and is exercised when I can't make it. The whole team is amazing & I'm really impressed by the standard of care. I believe it's always possible to see if your horse is happy - G is completely relaxed, loves the yard & has muscled up - he looks fantastic.

Anne Greenaway

When Gus and I arrived at Baldwins a year ago it was for the winter turnout, fabulous outdoor school and safe on farm hacking and to help restore my confidence. Gus had been under the vets for 6 months after tripping and falling and was having remedial farriery for severe foot imbalance. He also had a tendency to veer to the right at speed, and yet, had never been able to canter properly, and had become extremely stressed at his last livery when turnout was stopped.

Immediately the calming atmosphere at Baldwins relaxed him and with Rebecca's tireless support and teaching, within a month I was out hacking on my own and Gus was excelling at basic dressage work. When Gus started to deteriorate with canter work, Rebecca took us to Liphook Hospital. Diagnosed with behavioural problems and some pain in his front feet, I felt there was still an undiagnosed problem and I will always be incredibly grateful to Rebecca for backing me up against professionals. After seeing a physio, who agreed with Rebecca that symptoms pointed to damage to Gus's hind suspensory ligaments.

Howard Newitt from Milbourne assessed Gus and tests diagnosed inflammation in both ligaments as suspected. He altered Gus's shoe requirements, suggesting wedges and concussion pads on front and heel extensions on hind. At this point I changed to the yard farrier Yogi Sharp, to continue with the remedial farriery.

Philippa Morley

Baldwins is a beautiful and tranquil yard set in stunning Sussex countryside. The facilities are 5*....solarium, Equissage, Hot power shower, an all-weather track around the farm, large outdoor school and over 100 acres of off road hacking. For me though it's the attention Becs gives her liveries and owners. She's always on hand to give up her time to help or assist. Nothing is ever a problem for her and she’ll support you 100% like she did me.

As a horse owner, I've been very unlucky. In the last 2 years both my horses have undergone major surgery. I feel incredibly lucky however to know Becs Duggleby who owns and manages Baldwins Rehabilitation. There's no question, I credit her and her team (physiotherapist, farrier, and dentist) with the remarkable recovery both my horses have made. Both have survived the odds and now not only thriving but better than they've ever been. Handing my horses rehab care over to Baldwins was the best decision I could have made for my horses.

I'm confident Baldwins has not only reduced my horses recovery time, but the remedial schooling and straightness training to build top line and core muscles strength is something I would have struggled to achieve at home with limited facilities.
So to give you some history and to put everything into context, Becs has rehabilitated 2 of my horses.

Mr Whippy: TB, 8yr old, ex racer, polo pony.
Last September Whippy was diagnosed with severe Kissing Spine. He had the traditional op and Ligament- snip. His recovery has been 'unremarkable' which in itself is remarkable for a KS horse. Becs has long reined him the length of Britain. She's doesn't rely on training aids as many do, instead Becs spends hours on remedial schooling and allows horses to find their natural outline. Now when I school my horse I don't have to ask him to work long and low. He naturally wants to. Whippy is 5 months post op but he's easily weeks ahead of many of his peers who had the op at the same time. His vet and physiotherapist couldn't be happier with his progress.

Norma: Argentine polo one, 12yrs old
Norma suffered a fractured hock and infection of the bone as a result of a kick injury. She was given just a 20% chance of pulling through. I didn't care if she was a riding prospect so long as she survived. I moved her to Baldwins as soon as she left hospital. Becs nursed her around the clock. No complications, again an unremarkable recovery. She left 4 months later and hasn't has a lame day since. Remarkable!

If you're considering Baldwins to rehabilitate you horse I'd be happy to talk in more detail, just ask Becs for my number or Email address.

Allie Macleod